Tips for Your Cat’s Behavior Problems

Cat behavior problems are more common than you think and there are many different solutions for them depending on your cat’s personality. Cats can be trained and bad habits can be broken. Cat behavior problems are solvable but it is easier to correct your cat’s bad behavior problems when they first occur. The top two cat behavior problems revolve around the litter box and the destruction of furniture and carpets due to scratching.

Proper litter box maintenance is a must. Cats are clean animals and many will not use a litter box that is dirty or used by other cats. Use clumping litter for your kitty and make sure the litter box is clean twice a day by using a scoop to remove and dispose of the clumps and solid waste… Replace with more litter as needed. When using non-clumping litter you will have to dump the box of litter several times a day which is no fun. Perfumed litters are meant to please humans but not the cat. A cats sense of smell is far greater than ours and most don’t like the scent of heavy perfume. Many cats don’t like sharing a litter box with another cat. So how many litter boxes do you really need in a multi-cat household? Well you may have to have one litter box for each cat.

Cat will scratch furniture because of an instinct to scratch or from boredom. A scratching post provides many benefits. Scratching posts and toys will give an outlet for your cat. Scratching posts are made with many different materials but they are mostly made from just a wood frame covered with carpet. Not only will a scratching post protect your furniture and belongings but it also builds the cat’s neck, shoulder, stomach and back muscles.

Cat behavior problems are normal and difficult for owners to deal but can be dealt with in times. Cat behavior problems are more common than you think & there are many different solutions depending on your cat.

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