The Best Website Builder Guide

Nowadays, having an online presence is easier than it has ever been. Having an idea and creating a website around it is no longer as hard as it use to be. The roadblocks such as not knowing anything about web design and development or not having the time to write the code for your projects doesn’t stand anymore. Website builders allow you to create website in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. With so many versions, we will discuss the key points to consider in order to select the best website builder for your needs.

Offline vs Online

Offline website builders are called website design software. Their characteristics are:

  • They don’t need an internet connection to work on a project. However, one is needed to publish the content on the internet.
  • They have more professional features than their online counterpart.
  • They require to be installed on each computer to be able to work.
  • They are more flexible to work with but requires a steep learning curve and some programming knowledge.
  • Their response time is faster since all the processing is done locally on the computer
  • They are more expansive than the online tools

The benefits of the online website builders like BuilderAll, simply called website builders, are:

  • They are accessible from anywhere via the internet.
  • They are is easy to use for non-programmers.
  • They are usually provided by a hosting company.
  • They are updated automatically on the company servers.
  • They usually cost less than the website design software.
  • They offer a vast selection of plug-in to integrate different services to the website (often done with just a couple of clicks).
  • Website builders are the appropriate tool for beginners or someone who want to create a professional website design quickly.

Free Website Builders vs Proprietary Website Builders

Website builders such as BuilderAll are usually offered for free when signing for an hosting plan for a registered domain ( Others may charge an additional fee to use their website builders with the hosting plan.

Website builders are also sometime offered when signing up for a sub-domain from a company ( Before opting for this option, thing about the direction the website may go in the future because, such plan may comes with ads placement on your website, on top of having the company’s name included in the website address. These kind of web addresses are often considered unprofessional by some visitors.

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