Paintballing Tips

Ammunition for your paintball gun can be costly. Buying the cheapest paintballs you can find is one option, but cheap paintball are sometimes lower quality and will break and clog up your paintball gun, making for a very short, frustrating game for you.

If you want to save money on paintballs, you may want to invest in a couple of barrels for your paintball gun with different bore sizes. That way, you can switch your barrel depending on the quality and size of the paintballs to help reduce breakage.

This will be well worth the investment if you play often or go through several hundred paintballs per round. And remember, weather makes paintballs shrink or expand depending on temperature and humidity, so even high quality balls may not always work well with only one size barrel.

Another factor that affects the breakage rate of paintballs is your hopper or loader. If you have a fast shooting paintball marker, you will probably want to get an electric hopper. A standard hopper that works by gravity alone may not always be able to keep up with your paintball gun. This causes paintballs to break. One broken paintball in your hopper can coat all of your paintballs with paint leaving them useless until the paint dries. This causes a frustrating loss of time and energy while you have to surrender, clean out your hopper and reload with new paintballs.

Filling your hopper and pods too the max is often a bad decision that also leads to balls being broken. The little extra space gives the paintballs room to move while you run. If you pack them too tight, the extra pressure from running can be too much for the paintballs on the bottom of the pod. However, filling a pod less than half full will result in paintball being broken, as well. This is because they have too much room to move when you are running. Just a little extra space is all that they need.

Because playing paintball really is a sport, sport safety equipment is recommended. A mask and goggles is a must, but groin protection is also very important. There are few ways that cause a player to surrender faster than taking a shot to the groin without protection. Have fun with paintballing, but always remember to play safe and be aware of your surroundings and of the other players.

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