Make Money From Doing Surveys – Can You Really?

Everywhere you look online these days you see masses of information about ‘giving up your day job’, making money quickly and easily in your pyjamas, and amongst it you come across quite a bit about how to make money from doing surveys.

Is it really that simple? Well, I’ve been looking into just that, and I can honestly say that it’s difficult to separate the good from the bad. But there are a few good opportunities around.

If you’re as suspicious and sceptical as I am, you’ll have pretty quickly discounted all the ‘get rich quick’ type of offers you see on the web as ‘hype’, or even scams. And you’d be right in a lot of cases. The biggest issue I found was that they all promised much but delivered little.

Isn’t that also true, sadly, of ’bricks and mortar’ businesses in the High Street though? Whatever happened to keeping promises and putting the customer first?

Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy, but I can’t honestly remember the last time I had a good experience in an offline business. Which is one of the reasons I decided to try and find people and businesses online that really do deliver on their promises. Plus I wanted to find a company that really provides a simple ’work from home’ opportunity that can literally be picked up and put down at will by virtually anybody. In other words, either me or my wife could do it when we’ve got the time or when we needed a bit of extra cash. We could decide when and how much to do.

More specifically I wanted to find one that actually does ‘what it says on the tin’ and provides a spare time or additional income that we could grow to either replace our day jobs if we wanted to, or just give us that extra bit of cash for holidays or a second car or whatever.

Since I’ve been researching this particular “make money online” area, I’ve come across hundreds of so-called “get rich quick” schemes and countless opportunities to flush money down the toilet. I didn’t believe how many scammers there are out there, which of course means that there must be as many gullible people who will just about chase anything.

I remember somebody saying to me once that if something looks too good to be true it usually is. That’s really what got me started on this “quest” I suppose. I’d been taken in too, more times than I care to remember. But I believe that this is the “real deal” and, logically, it all stacks up.

Companies really are having great difficulty in getting feedback and honest opinions from their customers as was very well explained on this awesome article on Good Men Project, largely because everybody is just too busy these days to spend time giving them that information when the time can be spent doing something they really want to do, such as spending time with family, engaging in a hobby or pastime, or simply “chilling out” and giving more time to the family and close friends.

Bearing in mind that all of this market research used to be carried out by people obtaining information manually in a face-to-face situation, it makes absolute sense that companies now conduct almost all of it digitally online. When you appreciate the cost involved in physically sending out employees (with all the cost implications that the term “employee” brings with it) into the public arena just to collect data and information, and then processing all of that often incomplete and inaccurate stuff manually, you can fully understand their willingness to pay you and I for our valuable opinions. It’s also easy to see why they obviously recognize the value of our time and are therefore prepared to offer up an incentive.

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