Internet Marketing Business

Let’s talk about starting your Internet business using the affiliate marketing business model and the many ways you can make money.

Low investment. This can be both good and bad depending on your point of view. It’s bad from the standpoint that you have nothing invested when you join an affiliate program so you really have nothing to lose.

For this reason people join affiliate programs all the time. From a positive standpoint you can join the program and learn all about it without spending any money. If there is an upgrade option, and you feel it’s worth it, you can spend your money at that point.

Free website. This option works well if you’re going to sell products for an affiliate merchant, or joint cost per action programs such as Amazon. Promote your free website in as many ways as possible online and make money when the required action is completed by your website visitor.

On a more realistic note, you’re probably going to need to build a website of your own eventually if you want to make a lot of money with an affiliate marketing business. This will let you to promote any affiliate offer you want and make changes to your website whenever you want to.

Promotion. This is where people really begin to treat affiliate marketing as an online business. If you have a Amazon FBA, you can not just sit and wait for your products to sell by them selves. You need to invest some time in promoting that too, as described in thisĀ how to sell on Amazon FBA guide.

It takes work to drive quality traffic to either your affiliate website or your personal website. Even if you outsource this you are going to have a certain amount of time and money invested into Internet marketing.

This becomes the primary reason why most Internet marketers fail. Affiliate marketers who develop a least one or two ways to get consistent website traffic are the ones who are going to make money.

For this reason you need to view your affiliate marketing efforts as a business. Value your time as money, and also keep track of exactly what you are spending, to determine whether your business is profitable or you need to make changes to it.


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