Hydromulching Care Tips For A Hydroseeded Lawn

Hydromulching, also referred to as hydroseeding is a popular process of growing grass, both residential and commercial in Overland Park. It’s a cost-effective method of getting fast, quality results, and give a rich, green lawn.

The care given to a hydroseeded yard isn’t that very different from caring for other newly planted area. A hydroseeded lawn is much like a traditionally planted lawn. Water is vital in order for the seeds to sprout and grow. Once the grass had established roots, you’ll have to care for it like how you would for other lawns. Below are some helpful facts and tips about hydromulching and how you should take care of a newly seeded lawn.

What is hydromulching? Hydromulching is the process of spraying a mixture of grass seed, water, mulch and fertilizer onto the surface of the ground. The slurry mixture has a wet, green, and lumpy appearance and is applied using a special hydromulching machine with a power hose. Therefore, you will need to hire professional seeding Overland park company with the right tools to get the job done.

Hydromulching offers quick results and much less expensive compared to sodding. a hydroseeded lawn will typically begin to grow in just three days and get completely established in about three weeks. Because seeds are sprayed on the soil directly, you do not have to worry about the lawn “not taking” like you would with sod. In addition, the mess involved with traditional growing methods is eliminated, and results emerge more quickly.

A hydroseeded lawn does not necessarily need extra care, but it does require the same type of care that you would give to other types of freshly planted lawn. Water is the most vital thing, you should see to it that the mulch does not dry out. For the first 14 days, the newly seeded lawn should be watered about two to three times a day, ensuring that each time the slurry seed mixture is moist.

After 14 days, reduce the watering frequency to only once a day, until the initial mowing. The first mowing should not happen until the grass been established and is around three inches tall. It is important to keep in mind that new grass should not be cut too short. Your mower deck should be set high, then it should be gradually lowered as the grass becomes more established over time. A good rule of thumb is to not cut off more than one third of the grass blades at a single time. After moving the grass once, you could cut back more on the watering. But when you water, see to it that you’re doing so deeply in order to encourage stronger root growth.

Hydromulching is an excellent alternative to conventional grass growing methods; it is easy to apply, cost-effective, and has quick results. Also, it does not need special care, other than ensuring that it is kept moist at the start.

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