Guide on tank penetration, features of sloping armor

Many wondered why this or that tank with weak armor does not break through, while you have a weapon with armor penetration two times more than the armor of the tank you are shooting at. In the guide, the properties of oblique armor are considered, thanks to which the tank is difficult to punch and how to shoot in such a case, what would punch the tank.

In The World of Tanks armor is important to show. Many were in a situation where they at the 9th or 10th level of the tank could not penetrate for example the E-100 German heavy tank and you can read this awesome review about it on (similarly with tanks of a higher level compared to the lower level), which has 200 / 120 / 150 armor in the hull. One can even say almost all tanks starting from the 6th level, have oblique armor (for example, consider the tank of the 5th level T-34). In World of Tanks, shells fall into three categories, armor-piercing – standard projectile penetration is lost with increasing distance; high-explosive – high damage and low penetrability, but it is not lost with increasing distance.

So what’s the deal? Why is this happening, because armor penetration at the gun is 240+, and the tank has only 200 armor. And the thing is this: if the armor is not inclined, then its performance is real, i.e. Those that are presented in the description of the tank, if for example the E-100 is taken, then it should have  armor, but in fact it is not, it would have been like this if the E-100 had no inclination of 45 degrees. In fact, his armor in an inclined area is approximately flat: 200 (the real of the tank’s characteristics) + 60 (average armor ratio when tilted at 45 degrees), and in addition we get 260 armor. Now we subtract 200+ from the armor penetration of the gun, armor penetration with increasing distance and we get the result! We will not be able to pierce the E-100 … plus frequent ricochets are possible, the position of the tank in the direction of the projectile’s motion also greatly influences. In World of Tanks damage also depends on the projectile.

In this case, you can try to pierce the E-100 into the tower, but as you can see, it is all inclined, and so you can safely add another 40-60 armor to the tower in the area of ​​the slopes. In the World of Tanks, damage to tanks is the main task, the most important parts are the ammunition, it increases the reloading time in two, if you damage it, the turret, the gun, the tank reduces the speed, the gun cannot be fired, the caterpillar cannot be saved … remember, for such damage you need to know the place of the World of Tanks breaking through.

It is here that they begin to shoot at the points (zones) of penetration , just as they help to break through the tank in such difficult cases, besides, you will be able to seriously damage the tank. In order not to memorize all the zones of penetration, the players install skins with zones of penetration .

It must be remembered: the greater the slope of the armor (the sharper the angle it forms), the more the armor of the tank increases in this zone. The masters in this case are the PT-ACS, they have all the armor sloped, you can punch them in the back of the tank, there are the slopes is the least or sideways.

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