Garage Door Repair F.A.Q.

A garage door is a stylish, functional addition and has the greatest impact on the look of your property. It can also provide extra security to your property as well as value. When you call on Garage Door Repair Services, you can rest assured a talented professional will arrive at your home.

Frequently asked question is what to do if one spring is broken, do I need to replace both?

While it is not mandatory to replace both springs, it is HIGHLY ADVISED. Typically when one spring breaks, the other one breaks shortly thereafter. It will save you money and aggravation to replace both at the same time.

You might be able to buy springs online or from a local company. However, most companies won’t sell to a homeowner due to the liability issue associated with the danger of spring replacement.

Many garage door service providers advise using 2 springs instead of 1. It’s a better and longer lasting way of utilizing the torsion spring system (unless its a single door).

DO NOT use your door if a spring(s) is broken. Call for immediate garage door service. Using the door with a broken spring can have many adverse affects: ruining or damaging the operator or top door section, door coming out of tracks, door falling and injuring a person or damaging personal property in the garage.

Many garage door owners ask the question: Should I replace anything else on my door when I replace the springs?

If all components are deemed to be in good condition by technician, then no. However, professionals in this business recommend replacing the lift cables when replacing springs. Sometimes the torsion tube may need to be replaced as well.

The typical lifespan of a replacement springs typically last approx. 10 years. This figure is for normal use of door. Excesive use of door will decrease the life of the springs. 20 year springs can also be requested for an additional change.

When perform maintenance or a tune up on your door, garage door repair servce adjust the springs, tracks, hinges, operator or whatever component necessary to make the door work better. Also they lubricate all parts necessary. If the springs are extremely rusty or old, these experts they do however recommend replacing them as they are probably nearing the end of their life expectancy.

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