A Guide to Cargo Shipping from China to USA

If you have cargo in China and you want to send to United States then you will still need to consider the safest and most cost effective way to get your goods sent. Fortunately, you have a number of different options available for shipping goods to USA. The right option is going to depend upon how much you are sending, how much it weighs, how much time you have for your item to arrive safely at its destination, and your budget for making the shipment.

One option for sending items to USA is to send the items via air freight. Air freight is a great choice if you have time sensitive items that you need to be sent. With air freight, your items can be delivered to US overnight or within days, depending on the shipping option you selected. This is great for perishable items and for any items that you need to ship at the last minute.

Ocean freight shipping is another option for sending your goods. Ship ocean freight transportation gives you the flexibility to send many more items than you could send with other shipping methods, which is very important for your business in United States. Ship ocean freight also gives you the flexibility to tailor your shipment size to your needs – at least if you choose the right shipping company.

A good shipping company offering ship ocean freight services will give you the option of either sending a full container load of stuff or, if you simply don’t have that much to send, of choosing less-than-full container load shipments instead. This is part of what makes ship ocean freight transportation such an affordable option.

When choosing a company to shipping from China to USA, not only will you want to find one that offers both, full air freight shipping and ocean freight transportation, but you will also want to find one that has locations in China and in the U.S. This will help to make sure someone is available wherever your shipment is to deal with any issues that may arise.

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